How does the Auto-Connect Feature Works

The Wi-Fi Auto-Connect Feature:

You can find this feature by logging into your   Prey account through the panel, going to the SETTINGS tab, and into the DEVICE MANAGEMENT menu. You will find the auto-connect checkbox in the bottom. This is a useful feature that ensures your devices try to stay online at all times. If it goes missing, you can ensure it will fight the thief's attempts to stay offline.

How does the Auto-Connect Work?

This feature is available for Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS devices. Once you activate it in your account, these devices will try to find available Wi-Fi networks and connect to them if they find themselves offline after a certain amount of time. However, they work differently on Android and Computers.


  • The device will scan, find, and connect to open Wi-Fi networks when there is no active connection (Wi-Fi, or carrier data).
  • The device will activate the Wi-Fi even if the device has been set to Airplane Mode.
  • It will do so at intervals that don't hurt the device's performance.


  • The device detects there is no active connection, and it waits for a reasonable time before assuming it is ultimately offline.
  • It then scans all nearby networks, organizes them by signal strength, and filters all closed ones.
  • After that it begins its connection attempts, it will go through all open connections and then re-scan.
  • If a network fails to connect after 3 attempts, it will be blacklisted from this process (e.g browser authentication networks).
  • Once it is connected, it will end this process.