Device Inventory Management Now Available

We are upping our game to satisfy our user needs. We have now added device inventory management for our enterprise users! You will now be able to see additional, valuable information regarding your devices in one single place, in your device list view. 

Information you will see 

When you open your device list view in your control panel, you will be able to see detailed information about each one of your devices including your device status. You now have an immediate way of knowing which one of your devices is online or offline. Please keep note that this particular feature is only available for laptops. You will also be able to view device information such as operating system version, wireless network where it is connected, the remaining battery, in case any of your devices needs to be charged. 

With Inventory Management we get User Contact Assignment. You can now see who this device was assigned to, with a user identifier of your choice. 

In the image below we can see that this device was assigned to Vanessa, you can also see how there is a user email address associated to this user. 

We have also added a last seen column with sorting capabilities where you will be able to see the exact date and time your devices were seen online. This list can be sorted by date, from newest to oldest and vice versa. 

How to Assign a Device to a Specific User

There is a way for you to assign a device to a specific person, with our User Contact Assignment feature. 

For you to assign a device to a specific user, you must first record the institution who owns the device, then you get to assign a user. You will only have to record the institution once. 

User Contact Assignment

Right after you assign the institution, you can proceed to assign the contact who will be in possession of the device. 

And Voila! Simple, yet we need you to tell us if it is useful! Let us know by dropping your comments at

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