Using the Device Loan Manager Feature (New Panel Version)

This article refers to the new panel version (in Beta.) Maybe you're looking for the article for the old version?

Whether you are handling a remote or mobile workforce that needs devices assigned for specific periods of time, or you are an IT manager in a school with a laptop loan program for students, you can use Prey to manage your device loans.

Where to Find the Loan Tool

To loan a device, locate it in your Control Panel device list, and click it to access its detailed view.

You will see a list of loan-related filters in the Smart Filters section at the left side of your device list.
These will help you filter your device list to see which devices are  Loaned and which are not with just one click. 

Once inside, you will see the Assign button below. Click it to open the loan setup menu.

Setting up a Loan

When you click the “Assign” button, a new window will popup showing the loan settings. 

You can determine to whom your loan will be assigned to, for how long, and what happens when the loan expires. 

Create 3 types of loans:

  • An open-ended assignment, with no return date and no follow-up security actions. Ideal for keeping tabs on devices with permanent users or flexible loan agendas.
  • An unsecured timed loan. If you activate the "Lend device with a time rule" toggle, as seen below, you can lend it with a return date and no follow-up security actions upon expiration.
  • A secured timed loan. By activating the "Lend device with a time rule" and the "Lock device when loan ends" toggles, you create a secured loan which includes a return date and follow-up lock action upon loan expiration. Ideal for device loans in which the device might be at risk of not being returned.

That said, you can now follow this step-by-step process in order to start your loan:


Assign an institution

If you haven’t assigned an institution yet, you must do so to know which institution this device belongs to (e.g John Doe Junior High.) 


Add an ID for the loanee

Add any sort of ID of the loanee: You can write in a name, email, phone number or any type of identification that might help you know who the user is.


Assign the Loan

When you’re done, simply click assign and that’s it! Prey will keep a record of this loan and send the proper settings to the device through its servers.

Optional Settings

Time rules

You can add a start and return time and date. The loanee will receive an alert 1 hour before their loan is due, and a second alert 15 minutes before. If you do not set-up time rules, your loanee will not receive the alerts.

Locking Devices Once Overdue (Only if a Time Rule Was Added)

If you activate this setting, the device will lock itself behind a customizable password once the loan is overdue and it will also display a custom message. This one is only available on computers running Prey 1.9.3 or higher.

Editing the Loan Details

You can change the loan settings when the loan is actually taking place by using the button below.

This will open the loan configuration window, where you can change any of the parameters: your loanee's ID, add or remove time rules and change the lock and message settings. In order to finish it early, just remove the “Loaned” tag, under the loan edit option.

What to do When a Loan Expires, or if The Device Goes Missing

If you do setup a return date, the device will be monitored by Prey until the expiration date arrives, and it will then be tagged as "Overdue."

When a Loan Expires

When a loan with a return date expires, you will receive an email notification with the loan's details, the assigned user, and a button that prompts you to take action, which will take you to the loaned device's view where you'll be able to:

  • Mark the device as Missing: If the device hasn't been returned yet, set it to Missing mode to track and gather evidence reports.
  • End the loan: If the device has been returned, simply end the loan and it will be ready to be re-assigned.
  • Take security actions: If you have marked the device as Missing, you can use any of the tools on the top-side action bar to further secure and locate the device.

When a Loaned Device Goes Missing

If mid-loan you are informed a loaned device has been lost or stolen, you can enter said device's view and use the Mark as Missing action to start generating reports. Once it is recovered, you can use the Mark as Recovered action on the same view. The device will be considered returned, and the loan ended.

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