How Does Prey Work (New Panel Version)

This article references the new panel version (in beta.) Maybe you're looking for the article for the old version?

Prey is a freemium service that consists of an agent on your devices and a web service that handles the information it gathers for you. Once you install and set it up on your phone, laptop, or tablet, you'll be able to manage the app from your Prey account as long as your device connects to our servers.

From your account, you can run actions such as alarms, on-screen messages, screen lock, among others. Also, in case the device is lost or stolen, you can change its status to Missing and the device will start sending reports back as long as it's online, including location, pictures and screenshots (laptops only.)

Most applications only need to be open from your device and they will run. Prey is a bit different. While the app is running on your device, you are the one who manages everything from your Control Panel. You can trigger all the actions, review locations and reports, all from one place. And the best part? It's a cross-platform software.

Let’s see some of the options you have available on your Panel.

The first thing to note is the top bar, where the Prey logo sits. Clicking on the menu will display four options:

  • The Devices tab, will allow you to select any devices you’ve added to your account in order for you to start monitoring them. 
  • The Dashboard option will display real-time data about your devices, such as operating system types in your fleet, latest locations received, etc. You can access any live information in your dashboard. Check out more in this article.
  • Last, you will find the Control Zones feature, which allows you to create a radius on the map and select from your devices those that will send a warning when they enter or leave that area. If you’re a free user, you can add one zone only. If you are using our Home plan or up, you can add as many as you want.

Enterprise users will also see an additional option: the Automations feature, which will allow you to build powerful automations that will automatically execute actions upon changes in conditions.

For now, the Beta version includes the Devices, Automations and Control Zones sections. If you wish to access the dashboard, please click the Back to Classic Panel button.

For now, let’s go to the Devices tab and select one to get started.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the device card including relevant information for inventory, while on the right, you’ll see the map with the device’s last known location. 

Below the device card, you will find the following tabs:

  • The Activity Log, which will show you all the events that took place in the last 24 hours between your device and the Prey servers.
  • The Hardware Information tab, where you can review all the hardware details from your device.
  • The Reports tab, which will store up to 100 reports generated from your Missing devices.
You can request a location update at any time by refreshing the page, or hitting the refresh button on the device’s pin on the map.

On top of the map, you will see all the available actions for your device.

These will do the following:

  • Message: Prompts a remote alert that you can customize.
  • Alarm: Rings an alarm for 30 seconds so you can locate your device in case it was lost nearby. You can customize the alarm sound within the modal.
  • Lock: Displays a black screen asking for a customizable keyword in order to make the device usable again.
  • Mark as Missing: Will set your device to Missing status, and will send periodic reports with location and owner details, pictures, screenshots (for laptops only), connectivity information and wireless neighborhood.
  • Data security (Enterprise users only): Here you will find actions such as File Retrieval, Wipe, and Apple Lock and Factory Reset for Mac and iOS users.
  • Delete: This action removes the device from your account and deletes all gathered reports permanently.

If you’re interested in the extra features of Prey, drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you immediately!

Enjoy Prey, and happy hunting!

Important information for Linux users

We only provide official Linux support for Ubuntu systems. Linux users make up only a tiny fraction and most of them run Ubuntu. You can always reach us at if there is anything else we can help you with.

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