How to Activate More Features in your macOS Devices (New Panel Version)

This article refers to the new panel version (in Beta.) Maybe you're looking for the article for the old version?

To make use of our latest management features on macOS devices (Apple Lock and Factory Reset), Apple requires a trust certificate from Prey that confirms you are the administrator of said devices. This individual certificate lasts for a year and devices need to be manually linked to it in order to direct Apple to the approved devices. 

We'll let you know in advance when it's time to renew your Apple certificate, so you don't experience any feature loss!

If you don't have this certificate yet, you need to follow this link to your account's APNs certificate settings. There, you will find further instructions on how to obtain it. This process will only take a minute.

Once you have the certificate, link your macOS devices to it. This process needs to be done individually on each device.

Linking your macOS devices

Got your certificate already? Now you need to connect each of your machines to it. Access your Control Panel and open one of your macOS devices from the device tab. If it hasn't been linked yet, you will see a "Link to Apple Certificate" button right below your device's latest location. 

Hit it, and a popup window will prompt you to download the certificate.

If your devices are not linked to the certificate, you will not be able to unlock our latest features. Instead, they will be tagged with a icon, as shown in the image below.

If you click on any action that requires you to link to your Apple Certificate, but you still haven't done so, a popup will prompt you to download it.

Once you have downloaded the certificate, you must open it and setup the remote management profile in the native Mac interface. You will then see the following message.

Once the device has been linked to the certificate, the features will be unlocked and ready to use, and the device will now show as linked to your Apple certificate in the device card.

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