I've already installed Prey on my device. Why isn't it showing on my account?

To complete the device protection, the most important part is to double-check that your device appears on your Prey account, else it will be as bad as if Prey was never installed and we won’t be able to help you if the worst happens.  

Remember your device needs to be connected to internet in order to be added to your account.


On mobile devices

Just open Prey after it was successfully installed and enter your account credentials. Any problem with this will be fixed with a clean re-install.


On laptops

At the end of the installer, you will be asked if you wish to enter as an existing user or to create a new account. Just enter your existing or new account credentials and the device will appear on your devices list within a couple of seconds.

Oops, I accidentally skipped the configuration window. What now?

Don't panic. A brief command will allow you to force the configuration window, so you can type your credentials and add your device without problems.

On Windows

Run a Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the following command:

	C:\Windows\Prey\current\bin\prey config panel

On MacOS

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

Prey version 1.4.2 and up
	sudo /usr/local/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config panel
Prey version 1.4.1 or lower
	sudo /usr/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config gui -f

On Ubuntu

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

	sudo /usr/lib/prey/current/bin/prey config panel

These commands will force the configuration interface so you can enter your credentials. Your device should show up on your account afterwards.

Friendly reminder 

We only provide official Linux support for Ubuntu systems. It is only a tiny fraction of our users, and most of them run Ubuntu. Let us know if we can help you with anything else by reaching us at help@preyproject.com.

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