How to unlock my device's screen

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Never delete the locked device from your  Prey account. If you've forgotten your screen lock password, just log into your account and edit it right from the Lock action button. 

Please try the following options: 


The default screen lock password is  preyrocks. You can change it any time from your Prey account by clicking on the device you want to manage, and then on the Lock action at the right column of your control panel. 


If  preyrocks doesn't unlock the device and your last screen lock password didn't either, you can just toggle the Lock action off and on again. As long as the device is connected to the internet, you'll get a new screen lock password, which will overwrite the last one.

If you owe an Android device and you had the Android Device Manager app previously installed on it, you can try changing the native lock password from there and try to unlock the screen using it. 

If any of these works, please turn off the device, then turn it on again, and try the previous instructions one more time. 

If you've deleted the device from your account and these instructions haven't been really helpful for you, you can always perform a factory restore. We sincerely hope this is not the case. 

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