Configuring your Location Tracking Preferences (Aware Tracking)

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This is what you're here for, right? Knowing exactly where your device is, and when was it located there. By default, Prey will gather periodic location data when instructed to do so by marking a device as Missing. However Prey will, also by default, make movement and time-based checks to make sure that your device's latest location as seen in your panel is the most accurate, even if the device is not set as Missing. We call this feature Aware Location Tracking.

Setting Up Aware Location Tracking

This feature is turned on by default, and will make sure your device's location is up to date in your panel map. However, since privacy concerns vary from organization to organization, we've allowed for the customization of this feature in your panel. In order to turn it off, just go to your panel's Settings tab > Device Management. There, you will see the following two options:

  • When Off makes Prey actively track your device only when in Missing mode. With this setting, if you wish to update your device's location in the map, you will need to manually update its location directly on the device card. 
  • When On allows Prey to track your device actively, with timed checks and movement-based triggers.

You can change the Aware Tracking settings by clicking on the option you wish to have enabled, then clicking on the Change Tracking button, and voilà! Your settings have been updated!

Location data in your Missing reports will arrive all the same, regardless of Aware tracking settings: These will only affect your device's location update in your panel map and location history.

Can I track my device... (or Frequently Asked Questions about location tracking)

  • ...if it's off or without an internet connection? Your device needs to have an internet connection (either Wi-Fi or cellular) in order to send any data, and that includes location data. We are aware this may sound like a big push-back, but it's the minimum requirement any similar piece of software needs.
  • ...with the phone number, serial number, IMEI or any other identifying piece of data? Any data that identifies your device is useful for knowing you're talking to that specific device, but it doesn't provide any information on location, nor allows the device to communicate with our servers in and of themselves. And that's not even taking privacy and spying concerns into account...
  • ...if the app was not installed prior to the loss or theft? Prey needs to be installed in your device, and then correctly linked to your account, in order for us to gather any sort of data, and that includes location data. This applies not only to Prey, but also applies to any other tracking software.

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