How To Use The Custom Remote Wipe for Laptops, Mobiles or PC's

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✗ Prey Tracking
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Wipe your Laptops with no Boundaries

If you are a Prey PRO user, you have access to the Data Protection features (Remote Wipe & File Retrieval). The first one of these two has a new configuration that allows users to delete specific folders and files by manually entering the directory. This is available only when wiping computers or laptops (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu) since mobile devices work with the native API options.

Where to Begin:

Log into your  Prey account through the panel, and open one of your computers in the device tab, if you look at the right-hand action sidebar you'll find the Wipe Data feature. Give it a click!


Type in the Directories

Step one is to tell Prey which directories you want to delete. To do so, type them in. Remember: Follow the directory format of the device's Operating System, suggested by Prey, and if you want to enter multiple directories separate them with line breaks.

Important note

Prey can only delete directories nested at least 3 levels deep, which prevents you from accidentally wiping your operating system. For custom Wipe, always pass a path like this:

  1. C:\Users\Jane\Documents
  2. D:\Files\Media\Music
  3. /Users/jane/Documents

Prey won't be able to delete the core system files, so avoid directories such as C:\Windows, etc.


Enter Password and Execute!

Awesome! The last step is to enter your password and click confirm to execute the action. Prey will reach out for the device and queue the action on the server, as soon as your computer connects all specified directories will be wiped out of existence. 


Can I stop the action?

Prey will display a notification when the action is executed on the device, but if the device is offline the action remains queued until the panel connects to your device. If this is the case, you will see a green mark in the action's icon on the sidebar at the Online Panel. To cancel a queued action: click it again, and confirm the cancellation for it to be removed from the queue.

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