How to Renew the APNs Certificate for Apple devices

At this moment, certain users may see their APNS certificate showing up as unverified. This is purely cosmetic, as our certificate has been validated by Apple and users are still able to execute APNS-specific actions. We’re currently investigating why Apple is showing our valid certificate as not verified.

Where to Begin:

Login to your Prey Account through our website. Remember, due to Apple's portal interface it's best to do this process on a computer. 

You can find the Apple Push Notification Service tab inside the Settings menu on the left-hand sidebar. You will see the current expiration date and below you will see the How to Renew Your Push Certificate section, click see steps to begin.



 Download Prey's Certificate

The renewal process is almost identical to what you have experienced before with the exception of, if you renewed it in time, not having to enroll your devices again to this certificate (if you didn't renew it in time, that process has to be repeated). 

Download the certificate generated by us,  linked to your Prey Account, that you will share with Apple (Certificate signing request.plist). Click the image and save it somewhere accessible, like the desktop! 

 Upload and Renew the Certificate in Apple's Portal

Now you will enter Apple's certificate validation portal with the same Apple ID you utilized 

This time, you will RENEW the prior certificate. If it expired before you could renew it, you will have to follow this guide instead as if it was the first time you created this certificate.

Once you enter the Apple portal, you will see the prior certificate and a RENEW button, click it to continue.

From there, follow Apple's procedure and upload the certificate you downloaded in Step 1 when requested. Apple will automatically sign and validate it. This will generate a new copy of the certificate which you have to download from Apple's website. 


Upload Signed Certificate to Prey

After you download the signed certificate at Apple's portal, go back to the Prey panel tab for the third final step.

Select the certificate you downloaded in Step 2 from Apple's website and upload it to Prey. We will confirm it and validate the renewal for the period of 1 year.


 The end! Unless you didn't renew it in

Presto! You have renewed your Apple Push Notification certificate. If you did it before you expired, you won't need to enroll your Apple devices again to the certificate. However, if it did expire  you can read the following article to follow the Enrollment Process again.

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