Prey in macOS Mojave: Allowing the use of the camera for remote pictures.

Prey in macOS Mojave

The latest macOS version, codename MOJAVE, brings changes to Prey's functioning in the system. All users who updated their Mac computers to the OS will experience the following: Evidence Reports on missing devices don't include pictures from the device's camera.

What happened:

This new version of the operating system brings changes to the App Security protocols. Apple now requires third-party applications to request specific access to the device's camera to allow the use of features such as ours. 

We'll guide you through the different steps necessary to reactivate this feature on your macOS Mojave device and avoid missing one of Prey's core features.

How to Reactivate Remote Pictures on Evidence Reports

We have made the release of a new Prey client, 1.8.2, which carries the proper fix package in it. You will be required to give Prey access to the device's camera on each of the device's user accounts (e.g Nick, and Guest). 

1. If you already have Prey installed

If you already have Prey on the device and it has updated itself to 1.8.2 (which you can check at the Online Panel by clicking on the specific device in the device list and seeing its Prey version), you need to run the following command in the Terminal, for each user the Mac computer has: 

open /usr/local/lib/prey/current/lib/agent/utils/ --args -picture

HOW TO OPEN THE TERMINAL: Click on the Finder, and in the menu bar click Go, then Utilities, and finally Terminal. Alternatively, you can use Spotlight, the magnifying glass on the top right and type 'Terminal'.

2. If you don't have Prey installed

Download Prey's latest version at our website and if it's 1.8.2 or higher, it will automatically request for this permission during the installation. However, it only does so for the current user in which Prey is being installed. 

You will have to run the code shown above in other users to enable Prey to use the camera independently of the user that is being utilized.

The following window will appear:

Disclaimer: When the permission is requested and allow, the device will take a picture with the camera automatically to test the function. However, this picture won't be utilized and will be discarded immediately. It is simply required in the process.

Once permission is given to access the camera, you'll be good to go! You won't be required to do this again in future updates.

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