Pricing FAQ

How can I pay Prey?

Currently, we accept credit cards as payment for our Personal and Home plans.

What Currencies do you Accept?

Prey's prices are fixed in US dollars and the equivalent amount will be charged.

Can I Change my Plan Later on?

Of course! If you're an individual, don't worry about picking the perfect plan, you can switch plans anytime. The same thing applies to the number of devices in a customized plan, they can be modified with no given notice.

When is the Service Billed?

You can choose to be billed monthly or yearly.

Is my Business too Large for Prey?

Definitely not. Do you need to protect 100,000 devices? Sure thing!

Can I Resell Prey?

We don't have a reseller/partnership program but we are open to discussing it if you have something in mind.

Do you Have Special Discounts?

If you chose to be billed Yearly, you receive a 10% discount of your total purchase. Furthermore, NGOs and Educational organizations receive a special discount when acquiring our Custom plans for enterprises.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

You can leave the service and cancel at any time, no strings attached!

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