Control Zones Actions

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Control zones allow you set up automatic triggers that integrate with the zone settings to precipitate reactions, allowing you to save time and manage your devices in a much more effective way. Previously, you could only get notified via email each time a device left or entered an area. 

Now, you can also set actions when a device enters or leaves a specific Control Zone, or both instances if you wish. This particular feature helps you manage and keep greater control over your managed devices in an automatic way. 

The following actions can be activated based on a pre-configured rule. 

  • Sound Alarm 
  • Send Message 
  • Lock Device 
  • Mark as missing 

How to set up a Control Zone Action 

  1. First and foremost you must create a Control Zone which will represent the area where these devices are destined to be. If you have already created a Control Zone then you can access the main view for triggers by clicking on the edit button on your control zone. 

If you have not yet created a Control Zone, follow the instructions in this article and don’t forget to add the devices you would like to add to your control zone! 

2.Once you have created your Control Zone,You will see in the left side of your Prey Control Panel, a new window that will prompt you to Configure actions for when a device enters or leaves this zone. 

In this section, you can toggle the email alert on or off.

Add an Action 

4. You will be able to add new actions by clicking in the “add actions” box. You will then see the options you can choose from. Your chosen actions can be customized to meet your needs. 

Send Custom messages

Pick Your Alarm Settings 

Lock Device

Mark as Missing

And that’s it! These simple steps will save you tons of time! Let us know what you think about these new features at 

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