Remote Device Monitor

Remote Device Monitor is a light version of our device management platform. It allows you to have visibility over the devices your employees are taking home for remote work during the COVID-19 crisis. It provides 50 device licenses at no cost, and will be available for as long as it is required and demanded by the crisis.

It is intended as a small online suite where you'll be able to monitor your device fleet remotely and see their location, network status, security, and connectivity. All you need to do is install Prey into the company devices.


Live map view of your laptops, phones, and tablets

Access the most recent location of all your devices from a single place. As long as your units connect to the internet, they'll update their whereabouts, and Prey will provide that information as needed. 


Assign devices to your team members

Always know exactly who's in charge of each unit.


Contextual information from all your units

See your devices' connection status, their names in the platform, the Wi-Fi network they're connected to and the assigned teammate.


Ping everyone at once

Use the "! Send Message" command to show an on-screen alert to your teammates. Select all the devices you wish to contact, type the text, and hit the button.


Comprehensible activity log

Don't worry about misuse. Prey will record all actions from your account, show you exactly when they took place, and also note the actions that remain pending in case some devices are not connected at that time.


Quick device search and filtering

Don't let too many devices make it hard for you to manage. Don't know if Jane got her company laptop to work from home? Search their name on the "assigned to" filter and check for activity. Ever wonder how many company devices John has? You got it. Or are your 30 Windows laptops protected on Prey? Simply sort by operating system.

Please mind that... reflect your devices as  online, run the actions properly, and get the location on time, three conditions must be fulfilled

  1. Devices must be on
  2. Connected to the internet
  3. And added to your list 

What if the location is way off or doesn't show up at all? 

If you encounter any problems with getting an accurate position of your assets, you might be dealing with one of the problems stated in this article.

The RDM is how we'll help our people face the pandemic. It aims to lend a hand to those businesses suddenly forced to implement remote work policies. The tool is here to stay, and will be constantly improved to better help our customers' needs. If any questions, you can always reach us at

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