What are the Prey Onboarding Services?

Prey has so many different ways to be used and this is totally an advantage, but this might become overwhelming if you’re not properly guided to point in the right direction to take the most out of the service.

As a company, education facility or non-profit organization you’re probably dealing with more and more challenges everyday on how to protect your electronic equipment, want to focus on having control, and are eagerly trying to prevent anybody from accessing your sensitive information and misusing the data. 

We are here to help you meet these growing and veering needs, and, in order for us to be successful at this task, we offer you to jump on a two-hour session as soon as you’re positive about going forward with Prey. 

With all the detailed information this service includes, you will:

Know how you can use Prey for your particular needs
Be introduced to the features that would be most useful for you
Get the most appropriate installation workflow based on your operating systems and the tools you generally use to get other services deployed
Know how to uninstall the application and detach devices from your account
Know how to use our multi-user capabilities
Get some best practices and key features expectations
Know how to manage outdated devices or those that are persistently offline
Be introduced to our Public API
Access recommended settings for iOS and Android systems
Get good Prey experience tips
Know how to get your Firewall, Proxy and/or Anti-Virus configured in order to prevent Prey from being blocked

The good news is that it’s a one-time payment, thanks to it you’ll be prepared to invest an appropriate amount of time setting Prey up into your systems and the process will be the smoothest 😊

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