Mass Deployment for Android

Available for

✔︎ Prey Tracking
✔︎ Prey Protection
✔︎ Prey Full Suite

Deployment Via Custom APK

If you have a Tracking or Full Suite plan, you can create a Custom APK installer for your mobile phones or tablets, using your API Key, directly from your Prey panel. That way you won't have to share your login credentials nor have the device at hand in order to set it up. In the Settings section, select Unattended Installation and then the Android tab. Afterwards, click the Create Link button as per the image below:

Once the link is created (it can take a few minutes), you can share it with your team. Once open from an android device, the link will download an installer that, after the installation process is finished, will leave the device immediately configured to your Prey account. Please consider that the device will be added to the user under which you created the link, and anyone with access to the link will be able to add devices to your account, so we suggest you share it only with the right people.

If you need to revoke the link, you can do so by clicking on the red Revoke button, as per the above image. This will delete the link, and the APK installer will be rendered unusable, so if you want to add more devices with this method, you'll have to create a new link.

Configuring Prey with your QR code

If your device fleet is at use and you're not able to install Prey personally, you can also ask your team to download the Prey app normally, and then send them your account's unique QR code for configuration. This QR code works like your API key and will set up your account's configuration on the devices without having to enter your secret account credentials.

You will find your QR code by clicking on the +Protect New Device button in the top of your main dashboard.

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