Mass Deployment for Android

Custom APK

We'll create a custom APK installer for your phones or tablets with your API Key. You can reach us at This might take one day or two, but we’ll send it to you ASAP. As soon as you get it, you can download it from every Android device you’re looking forward to add to your list and install the package. Your devices will be added when the APK installation process finishes and it will automatically be configured with your account

Configuring Prey with your QR code

If your device fleet is at use and you're not able to install Prey personally, you can also ask your team to download the Prey app normally, and then send them your account's unique QR code for configuration. This QR code works like your API key and will set up your account's configuration on the devices without having to enter your secret account credentials.

You will find your QR code by clicking on the +Protect New Device button in the top of your main dashboard.

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