How To Use Mass Actions

Available for

✗ Prey Tracking
✗ Prey Protection
✔︎ Prey Full Suite

With Mass Actions, you can set up Prey actions to happen at a maximum of 100 devices. 

You will find the Mass Actions page on the left panel of your Prey account. 

To start, click on the +NEW MASS ACTION button on the top right of the screen. Then, you can select from the available actions shown.

Creating a New Mass Action

When you select the action, you will be able to set up its settings just like when you use them individually.

After your action is created, you will be asked to give it a name and a description for easier recognition, and to select the devices that will be affected by it.

Mass Lock Settings

You can start your action right away, or leave it ready to later just add the affected devices and run it.

Once the action is launched you can see the status wheel that will appear on top of the action's view.

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