How to use the advanced search filters and labels

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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature provides a robust search bar that lets you filter your devices by their technical attributes, from the device type to its operating system, MAC address and CPU model. There are 19 criteria available, software and hardware wise, and each subcategory is automatically displayed.

The most common attributes are also available as tags on the left bar, giving quick access to frequent filters like operating system and device type.



  • Check the devices you want to group up, and hit the Labels button to create a new tag.
  • For example: Marketing, to identify a sector’s device. Select one or more devices you wish to tag and then click on the ‘Labels’ button on the top part of the screen. Type the new label name and then hit ‘Create Label’
  • That will assign the tag to the device or devices you selected. You can select multiple devices to label them with the category you created. Removing a device from a label group can be done by selecting the device and then by clicking on the X that will appear by the label, under the device’s name.
  • Assigning existing tags to your devices works in a similar way. For example: If you were to use the label ‘Computer lab’ on 10 devices, just select them, click on 'Labels' and then click on the tag you want to categorize them under, then confirm. 
  • If you want to add another device to the label, follow the same process but instead of typing a new one, click Labels and select an existing one.


Now you can find the status in the upper right corner of your devices tab, and also in front of your device’s name.

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