How to remotely render your device unusable

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Before you start!

The Kill Switch action is available only for Windows devices running at least Windows 10. Keep in mind that Kill Switch will destroy the device's Master Boot Record, rendering the device unusable - please use it with care. If you need a more thorough wipe of your data, and have the time to do so, please review the Factory Reset action.

Data protection is one of our biggest concerns when providing security for your devices - that's why it doesn't matter if you're a company dealing with disgruntled ex-employees that won't return their assigned devices, or you want to turn a stolen device into essentially a glorified paperweight; Kill Switch is here to help you deal with those situations swiftly, and directly from your Prey panel, no matter where you are. 


Select the Kill Switch Action from your Panel

The action button itself will show you whether the device is compatible or not with Kill Switch. If your device is currently not compatible, you'll see the button as per the image below:

If you don't see the orange tag, that means your device is fully compatible and you can run the action right away. Hooray!


Enter your Password, Check the Box and Confirm

Once you select the action, all you have to do is enter your Prey password and check the box right below, hit the confirm button, and the action will execute in your device. 

Just give Prey a few minutes to run its magic, and voilá! The action will be completed once you see the action button as follows:

And that's about it! Remember that Kill Switch will destroy the master boot record, which will render it completely unusable - so use it with care!

If you have any questions, or need assistance, our Support team is available for you at

Happy hunting!

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