What does the 'Outdated client' message mean?

If your Fleet Status Dashboard says there are outdated clients, it may mean simply that the installed version of Prey isn't the latest, which is different to the "Outdated client" message you will see on the own device entry and the one this article is about. Prey will keep working normally, although we recommend to keep always the latest version installed.

Some years ago, we released a new client for Prey: Node. So, now we've got two different Preys; the old one (0.6.4 and older), and the new one (1.0.0 and newer.) 

Unfortunately, automatic updates are not available from the old Prey client to the new one. Prey was completely rewritten for this new release, and to get the new version you'll need to manually install the new package available  here. Once you do, you'll get auto-updates forever! How cool is that?

The good news is that, if your device is really Missing at this time, and therefore you don't have access to it and cannot install the new version, the old client will still work. You'll get reports as long as your device is online!

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