Reviewing Your Fleet Status Dashboard

When you enter your Prey account, the first thing that you will see is the status dashboard of your fleet, which contains a little information about what your devices have been up to. In case you miss this screen, you can go back to it by pressing the Prey icon on the top left of your account.

Let's see what we can find here:

Next to the left menu panel, you will see a brief summary of your fleet. This information is also shown on the panels to the right, so don't worry if you're not that into reading.


Shows the type of devices on your account. There are two graphics: The first one showing the operating systems you have (here you can see that there is a higher presence of Windows, while Android and iOS have the same amount of devices), and the second one showing the device types; Most of my devices are laptops. In both cases, hovering your cursor over the graphics section will reveal the exact number.

What has been going on?

To the right, you will find hard numbers. On top, you will see how many devices are set to Missing, how many devices have not checked in to our servers in 2 days or more, and how many devices have an Outdated version of Prey. You can also see a list of these devices by pressing on the View Devices button on each group.

Below, you can see previews of the latest reports that have been received by your account. Remember that devices need to be set to Missing in order to send reports.

Last received locations

Are the last locations that were saved by your devices to their Location History. This graphic shows locations saved by day from the last week and by the time of the day. The darker the little square is, the more locations that were saved within that specific day/time.

Registered actions

Will show the actions that you enabled last from your account, regardless of the device. It's a way for you to have visibility and understanding of the actions you use more. Just like on the demographics, if you hover your cursor over a section you will see how many times the action was requested.

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