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Your account's security is one of our biggest concerns and, regardless of your organization's size, sharing credentials for any application can be a significant risk. To mitigate, Prey allows you to create as many users as you need for you and your team. To create a new user, all you have to do is navigate to the Users, roles and permissions, and follow the directions on screen!


Creating new users

To create a new user, click the Create new user button and enter the required information in the modal to identify them. You'll have to create a password, but the user will be able to change it once they log in for the first time. Make sure you use a valid email address, as the new user will receive a confirmation email.

In the Role section, you can chose between Admin, User, or one of the custom roles you've created for your panel; please note that you cannot create additional owners. If you'd like to learn more about custom roles and permissions, please check our article on Roles and Permissions.

Once the user is created, you'll se a success modal. You can create as many users as you need, but be mindful that the total slot count in your subscription is shared between all users.


Managing users

From the Users tab, you can view all the users you've created for your panel, and manage each of them individually. 

To edit a user, just click on the pencil icon, and you'll be able to change the user's role, update their email or change their password.

Note that if you change the role of a user that's currently logged in, if they're in a screen to which they will no longer have access to, they'll be automatically redirected to the panel Dashboard.


Deleting users

As long as your role has Access to Users, roles & permissions, you can delete any user in your Prey account. Just click on the trash can icon, enter your Prey password, and the user will be deleted. If you need to change the Owner of the Prey account, please contact our Support team.


  • For mass deployment and unattended installs, mind the API key you're using when deploying, as the device will be added to the user whose's API Key you'll use.
  • Device ownership can't be transferred. Since devices are linked to the user that added them, if you need to delete a user and keep managing those devices, Prey will create a dummy user with the devices linked to it, while the original user's data will be removed. 
  • Also, as mentioned above, you can't set a limit of devices per user or admin. Any user could potentially use up all the slots from your account.
And that's about it! With this information, your team will now be able to access the Prey panel with their own log-in credentials, reducing security risks that come with sharing login credentials.
Happy hunting!
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